TLTP Update 2

The fourth part is out! (Come, come~)

With 4 shorts for The Locked Temple Phantom written, the series will pause/be complete here. The next series will be similar, but in a different scenario and with more independence between shorts.

The new setting will include a much more voracious monster with harem desires and greater array of skills, one that knows how to lure and expand in every way, and how to leave its treasures restless. Less of a romance, but way more hopeless.

But that is yet to come. Enjoy the current finale of The Locked Temple Phantom!

TLTP Update and Art

Teo and Sapphire, followed by the phantom.

The second short for The Locked Temple Phantom is out on Amazon, and there is even some art done! Sorry world, I can only show the most decent one here~

Both images are made by Sabrina333 on DA, and you can check the second one here. Whoo, it’s hot!

I like how the simple pencil drawing can be so well done with just a play of shadows, and just the faintest of colors!

As for the second part of the series, I’ve updated the main post, but you can go straight to Amazon here.

Happy reading!

The Locked Temple Phantom

Deep in an ancient temple, awaits a spirit restless.

Deepest in any heart, hides desire senseless.

When a pure, free-spirited and adventurous girl explores an ancient temple, she finds herself trapped inside. Not only that, but the temple is inhabited by a ravenous spirit, a shape-shifting phantom that had yearned for human contact for many years.

Facing a monster every day and night, struggling to find an escape for days on end, she has to show endurance and determination, hold onto her sanity and keep her heart safe not to lose herself, but it’s not that easy.

Will Sapphire, the lost girl, be able to find an escape back to the wilds? Will she purify the temple, dedicating herself to a life of a temple maiden, charmed by its last templar? Or will she completely submit to the monster within, losing every last bit of herself to the mindless beast?

The Locked Temple Phantom is a series of erotic shorts, independently following one another, each telling of an experience and discovery of an ill-fated girl, whose misfortune is also her greatest blessing, one that no one else was lucky enough to encounter.

Length: 6’100 words

Size: 19 pages

Formats: e-book

Amazon ASIN:


Length: 6’100 words

Size: 22 pages

Formats: e-book

Amazon ASIN:


Length: 6’400 words

Size: 25 pages

Formats: e-book

Amazon ASIN:


Length: 7’100 words

Size: 28 pages

Formats: e-book

Amazon ASIN:


Dragonian Toy: The Archives

In a world of magic and bloodlust, noble libraries are hardly mundane.

There are more than one way to read a book, not all of them safe.

How will you read?

This is the first independent chapter, adding to the story and the world without the need to read the novel first. Enjoy on its own or as an extra, there is much to be explored~

Adrien, a dragon-infused youth, served as a pet to his vampire master for a few months now. Uncertain about his future, he wanted to learn the fates of others like him, taken in during different ages by different lords. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, his master eagerly brought him to their family’s grand library. However, the stories sought are hardly ever get read in a classical way.

Moreover, when it comes to literature written by unrivaled beings with limitless magic abilities, empowered emphatic connection and immortal life that can only be filled with a heavy kind of entertainment, there are far more exciting things hidden than biographies.

Who is the one about to be read?

Book stats:

Length: 5’600 words

Size: 18 pages

Formats: e-book

Amazon ASIN: B08G8NSYJ4 

(check the link for US market page)

Dragonian Toy

Not every adventure has a happy start. Not every soul can save the world.
Evil hides as justice, and heroes wear a monstrous cape.
So few can see the peace behind the mirror, have faith in joy behind a grave.
And yet, none of it matters, if you don’t have the freedom.

What will the shackles taste like?

“Erotica, the likes of which you would have never read before…
If this hasn’t made you interested enough in reading this book, I don’t know what will.”

Alextheshadowgirl’s blog

At times, everyone dreams to become a protagonist of a fantasy story, to be a hero that can use unlimited magic. However, even the greatest power can be easily lost when the harsh reality of a ravaged world strikes.

There are so many souls tied into every adventure, both vicious traitors and unexpected allies, and the worst of them all can turn out to be the one you need the most, the only one who can ensure your survival.

If he is prepared, then it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is, as the life in captivity sees no storm outside the cage.

And once the immortal has caught you, what will he choose to do?

Dragonian Toy is a fantasy adventure erotica with a mix of comedy and bit of drama. It is a full novel and will have some independent shorts added to the story.

Book stats:

Length: 127’000 words

Size: 397 pages (paperback)

Formats: e-book and paperback.


(check the link for US market page)